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Changelog *Running*

-- Cleaned up several spawns in Antonica.
-- Started work on Stormhold. Many bad spawns here.
-- Removed many needless spawns in Stormhold.
-- Removed several player pets spawned as NPC's in Stormhold.
-- Combined severalĀ 
-- Combined many duplicate spawns in Antonica.
-- Removed several PC's that were spawned as NPC's in Antonica.
-- Removed several NPC's that were floating in Antonica.
-- Removed several Player mounts spawned as NPC's in Antonica.
-- Removed duplicate Boats from Antonica.
-- Removed the Merc NPCS in Qeynos Harbor, since we arent using them.
-- Removed some more duplicate spawns in Qeynos Harbor. Some left to note pathing.
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-- Top half of stormhold spawns cleaned up. Most of the lower floor is completed.
-- Removed MORE player pets, familiars, and even mercs from a bunch of zones.
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