ZekLabs Test Server

We are currently the official development server for the EQ2EMu Server Code.

Our development team has over 20 years experience of Everquest Emulation

Current Best Client.

Altar of Malice

Progression Based.

Intention is to start with classic and
work our way through expansions.

Fully Alive World.

The goal is for mobs to path, all important
quests Working, and functioning spells

Our goal is to bring a playable classic server online with all major features working along with important quests, npc pathing, tradeskills.

How To Play

Come join our world!

Click below to learn how to get started! The process is simple (7 Steps!) and only takes a few minutes!

Join us on discord!

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Discord is an app designed to help us talk to each other in real time. Image/Devn00b are the admins.