About Us

We are a group of former EQ1EMu Developers who are striving to bring EQ2 Emulation to the masses. We come from a long history of EQ1EMu Servers. Ranging from Guildwars, to Zek Season 8. Covering nearly 20 years of EverQuest emulated Servers

Current Client.

Altar of Malice

Progression Based.

Intention is to start with classic and
work our way through expansions.

Fully Alive World.

Mobs Path, Quests Will Work, TradeSkills
Will Be Operational.

Together with the help of the emulator community. We will create a server as close to live as is practical. While leaving room for custom content, quests, and playstyles.

How To Play

Come join our world!

Below you'll find the instructions on how to get the correct client, and start playing! The process is simple and only takes a few minutes!

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