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xx Season 9. The Final Season. And My farewell.
November 16, 2019, 01:28:12 pm by devn00b
First let me say a thank you to all the members of our little community that we have had over the years, Without you, there would have been no Guildwars->Season 9. Without you guys, I would never have had the chance to meet someone like Reefman, Enoex, Harny, Crack, and the countless other characters who have made this enjoyable.

Big thank you, to each player that has submitted a bug report, or helped test something. You are who have made the server as good as it is.

I will miss the chats with most of you, I will miss running little events. From the time I was a Hill Giant in Commons, to the 1st Drunken Gnome Race. These really were memories I will carry with me until the end.

Now a hard truth to face, and admit to (one must be honest with one's self), Season 8 is a failure. From day one the pop has been barley borderline and just isn't sustainable. Checking the BoTB Sign-ups we don't even have enough to run a BoTB. On that note, all currently signed up players will be able to go get an epic for your class soon. I've disabled the sign-up since there is no point. Congrats to those that bothered!

Now looking at my last season, given the overall low pop of EQEMu/EQ(1 and 2) in general I've decided to just use s8 as a framework for s9. All Players will be forced bandit. This will prevent city takeover of any kind, and make the server essentially a FFA server. Other features so far are

  • Most classic server since R69.
  • No City Takeovers. No Camps.
  • Citys are KOS to all players after level 35.
  • FFA PVP. All players are bandits.
  • No Casinos.
  • No Epics.
  • No Augments.
  • No Level caps
  • Max Level of 50
  • Only nexus portals.
  • Base XP rate is the Lowest of any server I've been a part of.
  • 0 Group XP bonus.
  • VERY limited PVP pt item availability.

Once the servers pop drops to nothing I will ride off into the sunset. The forums will go read-only, and I will leave discord.

Now I can hear you already "BUT, Buuut, BUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTT, donations, how can I pay etc etc etc etc."

Let me be clear. This season 2 Players donated a grand total of $80 ($60 from one, $20 from another). I don't do this for the money, never have (it has always cost us more than we make..ALWAYS) but given that a season could only muster that amt tells me the players don't really give a shit anymore. And that's fine! But let's just be real here.

So when will I be EoLing S8 and starting S9?
No idea it depends on how active the server stays. If the pop continues to remain low another day or two I will just max the level and wait for it to die totally, and then roll S9 out. It will take me 20mins to end S8 and start S9 with the above changes.

S8 is now EoL (For those that are confused, EoL = End of Life). Final stats for the server can be found here. As for the launch of S9 I have 2 options available. 1) Relaunch soon and roll another dead pop server and just be done with it. 2) Wait for there to be more interest. Then launch s9. if no interest by a set point, just launch anyway and say fuck it.

The problem with (1) is it's not very satisfying to just sort of give up. I would, however, fulfill my agreement and could walk away somewhat happy.

And (2) could leave me tied down for a while waiting for this magical player base to just be ready to play. The reality here folks is that the EQ player base is shrinking, and the EQ PVP player base is shrinking even more. so waiting could lead to a situation where there are fewer players than if I was to just go with (1).

Discussion on that topic can be found HERE

A few pics I have of the adventures.

The first 2 are from the 1st drunken gnome race.

Next, we have a pic of Reefman and co (Via Sektors)

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