Zek Bug Reports


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[1] Beastlords Master 'Class' Requests

[2] Wall Pathing issues (NPCs in aggro or returning to guard spot)

[3] [Fixed]Valshir BL at least didn't start with Nexus necklace.

[4] [Fixed]The concept of getting tickets placed into your bag after a PVP match

[5] [Fixed]:Ogre common speech skill only 95. Making it someone what tough to rea

[6] Drathir:Just fought enc/monk 2v2 in arena instanced match. Cannot gate after k

[7] Wombini:The enchanter spell Synapsis Spasm, which is an agi, dex, str, AC debu

[8] [WAI]:a warrior GM npc that usually stands near Brother Jentry in West Freep

[9] Wombini:this charmed shiverback in PoFear doesn't seem to be generating any ha


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