Author Topic: s2 epic ranger 2.0 dps on a necro.  (Read 1674 times)

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Re: s2 epic ranger 2.0 dps on a necro.
« Reply #20 on: January 11, 2017, 09:37:33 pm »
I would be pretty upset too if I was on for 25 hours straight farming tickets only to find out its borked.

Then again rather than writing a qq post saying good bye I would put in a /bug to get dev to fix it since all the epic 2.0 seem to be fucked. Firenz has been saying forn2 days that with a 22 dmg wep his backstabs are down to like 200 dmg lol

Yep I bugged it, swapped my augs and taking a break until this get fixed.

This season was a blast anyway, really loved it.

Beside the 2.0s that are ( yet )game breaking for the most part, I think the point that really decreased the population is Caverns. sure this zone is great but its pvp free and let any bluebie farm his gear risk free.

Focusing the tickets in only 1 zone ( lets say velks ) would have made that a pvp hotspot anytime of the day

Death to caverns ticket drops, the gear/exp makes it fine, but that zone ruined pvp. The weeks before - warrens, sol b, scarlet, etc were hot!!!! People came out of Caverns with less then 10 total pvp kills and over 6k points. Also, just my thought but you have to keep some of the pve gear worthy of looting/wearing or there's no reason for people to show up.

Thank you so much for this season, it was a blast and ill keep checking in periodically to see how balancing is going. Thanks for a kick ass season Image and Dev! Looking forward to Season 3.
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