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S7 Features and FAQ
« on: June 27, 2019, 02:10:27 pm »
Differences in this server from past servers.

  • Kings (4 teams), and Bandits (FFA).
  • Reduced XP Rate. Increases each cap.
  • Bazaar is gone.
  • PVP point-bought items are limited.
  • EXP Potions Available for Points.
  • EXP Potion Quest in Oasis.
  • Free gear removed.
  • New quest for epics.
  • Oogly earrings drop early and often. Drops from 4 world NPCs that are level 35ish. Useable @45.
  • Revamped and improved Casino.
  • Many expansion zones available via a port in at highkeep. And oasis. Now can Silent port!
  • Most loot drops are now more common.
  • Names in select zones have had their spawn rate increased.
  • Portal NPC now has a silent option. You can now port without using say. Just buy an item from the portal NPC and hand it to them!

Some FAQ:

Why are there no pet regents in bunny?
Because pets up to level 10 are free to cast. This should cover bunny islands levels (1-6) and a few more after you leave.

Can I go back to bunny island?
No, bunny is a noob only zone that isn't meant for higher-level characters, so once you leave that's it.

Can I switch teams?
Yes! Please see the priest of order in nexus. You get 1 free team change, after that, you will have to wait 5 days or buy a ticket (from the priest of order) that permits changing whenever.

Do I really have to run to highkeep to port to the expansion zones?
Nope, you can also goto oasis camp area and port from there.

What are the teams and how do they work?
There are 4 King teams (These teams can kill each other kingdom as well as bandits) and a Bandit Kingdom (That can kill Everyone, even other bandits).
King teams can take cities
Bandit teams get no city.
Bandits get a buff (10 all stats, 10 all resists, +50%xp bonus, and 40% run speed).

How many cities can a team own?
As many as you wish.

What zones are available?
We have your basic classic + some of our classic expansion zones created by image are all open. These are Realm of Inferno, Pinnacle Caverns, West Ro, and Miragul's Chamber!

We also have Paludal, Crystal Caverns, Echo Caverns, Dreadlands, Kaesora, Dawnshroud, Charasis, Karnor, Kael, Akheva, The Grey and ToV all available from The Portal Master in Oasis, or Highkeep.

If that's not enough Warrens and The Hole are also open!

There is also an NPC in the nexus that can help you find zones to explore for your level. See Always Lost in the Nexus.

How does the new casino work?
Please read Here for more information on how the casino was reworked from the ground up.

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Re: S7 Features and FAQ
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2019, 10:25:21 am »
Updated this post will probably sticky it later. Leaving un stickied for now so people might actually read it.


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