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Author Topic: Looking ahead to S7.  (Read 718 times)

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Looking ahead to S7.
« on: December 15, 2018, 12:00:45 pm »
With Season 6 Coming to an end It was time to start some, at least planning, on the next season. Here is what we have so far, and is available for you to test right now should you chose.

Server Status: UP! [Early Beta] If your interested in testing please grab the Spell File and unzip it into your EQ folder.

  • Teams (Kings (several) and Bandits (one bandit team))
  • Bunny Island is back! It's a cool starting area for all level 1-6 characters.
  • Stripped back item availability. Drops are back to mostly clasic.
  • No Bazaar
  • Faster General Loot Drops (Excludes Raid Targets), As well as increased chance to spawn for names in many zones
  • Mounts are now available! Some drop, some are bought. 2 Tiers (level 1-35, then 35+).
  • Anti-Plugging System Enabled.
  • Race Change NPC available, classic races + Iksar, Vah Shir, and Froglok Available (Race Change Only not Starting Race).
  • All items have had the NO-DROP tag REMOVED. All items (other than a select few) are now tradeable/dropable

This list is nowhere near complete and is a REALLY REALLY early list of things you can look forward to.

I created a new area of the forums to hold all the usual beta spam, and to contain the beta changelog. You must log in to your forum account to see [THIS] area of the forum, however.

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Helios' Stories
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2018, 03:07:57 pm »
Kings and Bandits Basics
- PVP Begins at Level 6, introduction on Bunny Isle first (lvl 1-6), then choose a team upon leaving isle.
- 4 Team PVP + FFA (Bandits) Team
Team Colors (Player Name Visually In-Game):
Qeynos = Purple
Halas = Orange
Freeport = Teal
Rivervale = Yellow
- Home Cities (Qeynos/Halas/Freeport/Rivervale) cannot be taken over by other teams.
- Guilds still required to take other cities, all team members can visit a taken city if the guild is assigned to their team (decided by guild owner pvp flag).
- Felwithe, Erudin, Neriak, Kaladim, Oggok, Grobb can be taken by any of the 4 teams (not Bandits).
- Toxxulia, Greater Faydark and Lavastorm Encampments can be taken by any of the 4 teams (not Bandits).
- Guild Camps are still supported, but restricted to the guild, eg. teams cannot visit each others guild camps.  Bandits can have guild camps also.

Adventurer's Beware!

Hello my friends, be aware of this beast who shows himself only momentarily and comes from the heavens above.  Swiftly attacking his prey he causes chaos all around the sacred island.  Again, Beware!

Ysward of Aelorea

Description: Bringer of death to all newcomers on Bunny Island.  A manically fast dragon with a huge appetite.  Just stay out of the way when the Sentry warns you!
Zone: Bunny Island
Levels: Level 1-6

Beyond the Fluff

After leaving the land of snow that is Bunny Island I found myself in The Nexus.  To the west of the portal a gnome offered me a way into Pinnacle Cave.  Inside was a musty, goblin infested mess, however many treasures were found.

Screenshots of Pinnacle Cave

Description: Pinnacle Cave, a preparation for the later nightmare that is The Warrens.  A claustrophobic space, find many foes around every corner.
Zone: Pinnacle Cave
Levels: Level 9-20

Frigid North

A long chaotic winter had brought strong winds to EverFrost and the Frigid Plains.  These winds have unearthed a chamber not previously visible due to the massive snow that commonly covers the grounds in these parts.  Inside seemed to contain remnants of Miragul's Study when he was once venturing near the city of Halas.  Miragul however has not left his chamber unguarded and has not invoked any privilege of visitors.

Lost Chamber of Miragul

Description: A frozen palace of study for Miragul, his followers and minions.
Zone: Miragul's Chamber, located in EverFrost to the south east corner
Levels: Low 20's to Mid 20's

Oasis of Marr Travels

I was venturing recently in the Oasis of Marr and came across a tunnel which just happened to be freshly excavated.  The tunnel seemed very unstable but it looked intriguing, upon going into the darkness I could already see a light on the other side.  As I stepped outside rocks began falling on me and knocked me unconcious.  As I came to I found myself in a new land to me which was known as the Wastelands of Western Ro.

Wasteland of Western Ro Screenshots

Description: A baren dessert with a small oasis, be cautious as the entrance has been constantly unstable!
Zone: Western Ro, found in south east Oasis near the water
Levels: Low 20's to Low 30's.

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Re: Looking ahead to S7.
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2018, 03:38:31 pm »

Great work dev!   ;D

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Re: Looking ahead to S7.
« Reply #3 on: January 21, 2019, 12:34:35 pm »
Added link to the 1st post that directs to images post about the features of K&B to help explain it to players that are new to it.

Link to explanation


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