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Season 6 Launch Info!
« on: October 26, 2018, 09:29:41 pm »
The server is now OPEN!

Current Level Cap: 55

Season 6 Features:

  • Many of the previous seasons' items have made a comeback.
  • Level Cap is 55.
  • Beastlords / Berserkers disabled.  Vah Shir and Frogloks disabled.
  • Unlimited Boxed characters (1 char logged in per acct at a time)
  • Classic Zones, with a few exceptions.
  • Anti-Plugging System Enabled.
  • INT Casters gain an additional spell slot
  • Guild Manager Available However player locations do not appear (to any player even leaders). No more worries about inviting spies!
  • Race Change NPC available, classic races + Iksar, Vah Shir, and Froglok Available (Race Change Only not Starting Race).
  • All items have had the NO-DROP tag removed. All items (other than a select few) are now tradeable/dropable
  • New point system in place. This includes a cap-per level (level * 100 until after the first cap, then its level * 90k or something). Once you reach this cap, you no longer earn points. This is to create more gear variety in the player's gear.
  • Tiered PVP Merchants, Tiered PVE Progression With PVP gear being better quality.
  • Several new zones available including, Crystal Caverns, Echo Caverns, Dreadlands, Kaesora, Howling Stones, and more!
  • New AA's
  • Discs Enabled
  • Item/Player/Drops/Etc lookup available at EQZEK.COM

Season 6 End of Life information: Here

Players interested in donating should read This thread for more information about donation tiers and the rewards you get for your donation.


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