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Author Topic: RoZ Corruption  (Read 1861 times)

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Re: RoZ Corruption
« Reply #20 on: April 03, 2019, 11:16:09 am »
Lol. Is RoZ still going? Thought all the Devs there were on EQ2.

Anyway, had good fun on RoZ in classic. I should write a blog of all the shit I got away with on there. Good times

Eh, not really. The two guild rivalry that was sustaining it has ended.

It's sort of on the decline, now just waiting for one guild to farm all of the pixels in Velious, which is in the process of being opened up rather slowly (not a good way to launch an expansion).  Only Iceclad, Great Divide, Velks, EW, Kael Drakkal, Wakening Lands, Thurgadin A and B, and ToFS are currently open. So it's a very boring and droll launch to an expansion, instead of the blast of immersion and adventure that typically comes with a full expansion launch.

Some have theorized that Renly's plan is to slowly release Velious zones to buy time, delaying the server EOL until it coincides with the launch of WoW classic.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.


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