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AoM Steam Client Downloader

It seems in the last few days that DBG decided to finally update the client on steam. To get around this you have to manually download the specific version of the files on steam. To make this as simple as possible for our new players I created a simple batch file to do all the heavy lifting.

One thing to note is it requires a steam login. You can either use your normal steam account or if you are uneasy about that you can simply create a throwaway account and use that.

Requirements inherited from SteamRE
Quote:Steam depot downloader utilizing the SteamKit2 library. Supports .NET Core 2.0

1) Download the downloader (lol) EQ2EMu AoM Client Downloader

2) Unzip the folder whenever you like. Note that depending on where you extract it, you may need to run as admin in the next step!

3) Inside the folder you just extracted locate EQ2EMU-CLIENT-DOWNLOAD.bat. It will look like one of the following pictures

[Image: bat1.png]
[Image: bat2.png]

4) Now Run it! You will see the following below (some redaction as im sure you can see) where you must fill in your steam username and password.

[Image: main.png]

Once this is completed you can now copy/move/use the folder located in <folder you extracted program to>\depots\201231\5035369


//edit: Here is the link to the downloader original source SteamRE-DepotDownloader
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Some people were having issues with the client downloader, and rather than solve every possible configuration of windows/includes out there I'm offering up another option to get the client

I present to you a GitHub repo containing rars of the install folder.

Please visit Github - AoM-Client And download all the rars (179 of them @ 99mb each).

This should be fairly foolproof, and quick seeing as GitHub has pretty fast connections.
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I created an automated system for the above. You can download the installer from Google Drive.

Simply download the installer, run GIT-CLIENT wait for it to finish, and copy the downloaded/extracted eq2emu-client folder to wherever you wish.

You can then run the client as normal.
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I have updated the downloader in the original link to now include .NET Core. Some people were missing the dependencies. It will now install the .NET Core stuff before attempting any downloads.

This has caused the installer to go from ~2mb to 22mb due to the inclusion of the .net core installler.
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